Dictionary Fix

Dictionary Fix is an extension for Thunderbird 2. It fixes some problems with spelling dictionaries. Thunderbird 3 does not usually need this extension.

For general information about spelling dictionaries in Thunderbird 2, see the mozillaZine Knowledge Base: Dictionaries   In particular, if the Dictionary Fix extension does not fix the problem that you have, then read the Troubleshooting section there.

Note:   If you only want to install a British English dictionary in Thunderbird 3, then you can use the following link to a working verion. Either drag the link and drop it in Thunderbird's Add-ons window, or save the file to install later: en-GB-dictionary.xpi

Installing Dictionary Fix

To use Dictionary Fix, you must have Thunderbird or a later release.

Install Dictionary Fix in any of the normal ways that you install an extension.

If you use Thunderbird in a shared or multi-user installation, then you must install and use Dictionary Fix as a user with write-access to Thunderbird's installation directory.

Installation Example

For example, in Thunderbird choose Tools – Add-ons from the menu bar. Drag the link below and drop it in Thunderbird's Add-ons window.

Wait for the download, and allow the installation to proceed.

Restart Thunderbird.


Here are the download links. Do not click these links. Instead, drag the appropriate link and drop it in Thunderbird's Add-ons window, or save the file to install later:

The original version for Thunderbird 2:

An updated version for Thunderbird 3:

Note:   Dictionary Fix version numbers have no relationship to Thunderbird version numbers.

Using Dictionary Fix

Dictionary Fix automatically checks your spelling dictionary setup, and fixes it if necessary.

You might need to install a spelling dictionary. You can do this in any of the usual ways, which are described here: Dictionaries   In addition, you can use Dictionary Fix to install spelling dictionaries.

Once your spelling dictionaries are working, you do not need Dictionary Fix any more. Uninstall it.

Installing dictionaries

You can use Dictionary Fix to install a spelling dictionary from any XPI or ZIP package that contains a dictionary in MySpell format. Suitable dictionaries include those for Thunderbird 2 and Firefox 2, older dictionaries for Thunderbird 1, and older OpenOffice dictionaries.

Dictionary Fix can install dictionary packages that Thunderbird itself cannot install.


To install a spelling dictionary:

  1. Download the dictionary package to your computer. (Remember where you put it!)
  2. Choose Tools – Install Dictionary...
  3. Specify the dictionary package that you downloaded.

Uninstalling Dictionary Fix

Uninstall Dictionary Fix when your spelling dictionaries are working.

To uninstall Dictionary Fix, return to the Add-ons window. Select Dictionary Fix and press the Uninstall button. Close and restart Thunderbird.


For questions or comments about Dictionary Fix, please use this thread in the mozillaZine Extension/Theme Releases forum: Dictionary Fix extension

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