Screenshots of Journal's user interface

These shots made in December 2004 are of an early prototype. Released versions may look different.

Setup wizard
Setup wizard

A very simple setup wizard runs the first time you start Journal.

It asks your name, and optionally creates some standard journals to get you started.

Journal's main window
Journal window

Journal's main window as it typically looks on startup, showing a list of your journals. Note that the Journals button on the toolbar is depressed.

Below the list there is a calendar, and the body of the window is blank.

Some startup options allow you to customize this. For example, Journal can automatically open today's entry when you start it up.

The toolbars
Main toolbar

Toolbars provide mouse users with quick access to some common operations:

Controlling the window layout:

Hide Sidebar
Hides the sidebar, allowing the current entry to fill the window
Hide Calendar
Hides the calendar, allowing the current view to fill the sidebar

Controlling the view in the sidebar:

The view you see here, listing your journals.
Entries in the current journal arranged by date (see below for a screenshot)
Entries in the current journal arranged alphabetically by subject
Entries in the current journal arranged by keyword
Entries in the current journal arranged by category

Navigating between entries:

Backto the previous entry
Forward again to the next entry (only after you press Back)
Today's entry
The current journal's front page

Working with an entry:

Creates a new entry in the current journal
Toggles edit mode on and off


Print the current entry
Show the Help window

Journals toolbar

The journals list (separate toolbar beneath the list):

Creates a new journal
Deletes the current journal (after conformation)
Opens the properties window for the current journal

Subject view with an entry open
Subjects and open entry

The sidebar shows the Subject view. Note that the subject button in the toolbar is depressed.

An entry is selected, and you see it displayed in the body of the window.

An Info button at the top right of the entry displays its meta-information—date last modified, categories, index keywords, etc.

Diary view with an entry being edited
Diary and editing

Here the sidebar shows the Diary view. Note that the Diary button in the toolbar is depressed.

The Calendar is hidden. Note that the Hide Calendar button, second from left in the toolbar, is depressed.

An entry is being edited in the body of the window. Note that the Edit button in the toolbar is depressed.

The editing toolbar is shown disabled. Early versions of Journal will only support plain text, but later versions will support formatting and text decoration.

Preferences window: startup settings
Preferences: Startup

Some settings control how Journal starts up.

Preferences window: password settings
Preferences: Identity

An interface for setting, changing or recovering your pass-phrase.

You do not have to set a pass-phrase at all. If you do set a pass-phrase, you can make entries private and choose various levels of protection for your private data.

Journal properties: Information
Properties: Information

Basic information about a journal.

This is what you see when you press the Info button beneath the journals list.

Journal properties: Appearance
Properties: Appearance

Only background color is included in this prototype. Background image will be supported in later versions. Later still, fonts and perhaps stylesheets will be customizable.

Journal properties: Categories
Properties: Categories

Interface for working with a journal's list of categories.

Journal properties: Schedule
Properties: Schedule

Setting the schedule for a category. This one creates an entry every weekday from November to February every year.

Schedules do not have start or end dates in this prototype, but in released versions they probably will.

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